Universal ZOOM series is available in wide extent of outputs. LED display and infra receiver are hidden under front panel. Indoor unit has inbuilt WiFi module with which the air conditioner can be controlled by IOS or Android phone/tablet anywhere.

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Standard air conditioners have a fixed speed compressor and therefore have no ability to reduce the power consumption as they are not able to vary the load. With a DC Inverter drive, the unit can work on a partial load thereby reduces the power consumption not only on start up but also on running costs.


SINCLAIR air conditioner will not only cool or heat your room, but it will also make your environment safer. Plasma technology will make the air cleaner, fresher, free of harmful bacteria. Protect your family with this new feature. Lower your chances of becoming sick with fluor any other illness caused by air-borne bacteria. You can lower the allergens in the air, improving life of allergic persons.

Informacioni teknik
  • Energy class A++ / A+
  • Cooling capacity 2,6kW
  • Heating capacity 2,8kW
  • 3-year warranty
  • DC INVERTER technology
  • Standard inbuilt WiFi module
  • PLASMATEC – anion technology
  • 8°C heating
  • I FEEL function
  • Standard filters – catechin and active carbon
  • Hidden display and infra receiver
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