The VISION Series is a basic series, which offers an affordable solution for your home. Comfortable temperature control is provided by the “I FEEL” function as well as a Wi-Fi module, which allows you to control air conditioning using your smartphone. This series also uses the environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, which significantly reduces the adverse impact on the environment.


The innovative FOCUS & FOCUS PLUS Series, which uses the environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant with low global warming potential (GWP), will attract your attention with an elegant design with a hidden LED display. All units in this series are equipped with a Wi-Fi module as standard, which enables a convenient control using your smart device. This series features a higher efficiency, seven fan speeds and a new remote control.


Innovative KITE series offers an array of improvements for installation, operation and maintenance. Easy filter cleaning, tiltable front panel and possibility to remove each module separately during installation and maintenance considerably saves time for installation companies. Be WiFi ready! WiFi module is supplied as an optional accessories.


The SPECTRUM & SPECTRUM PLUS Series captures you by its unique design. Quiet operation and Wi-Fi module as standard are a matter of course. This series also uses the environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, which significantly reduces the adverse impact on the environment, and thanks to its Soft-start function, it does not overload the power system when it is switched on. The SPECTRUM units are available in two colour variants – black and white, making it easy to choose the right design solution tailored to suit your needs.


Universal ZOOM series is available in wide extent of outputs. LED display and infra receiver are hidden under front panel. Indoor unit has inbuilt WiFi module with which the air conditioner can be controlled by IOS or Android phone/tablet anywhere.


Console units can be installed on the wall like wall-mounted units or on the floor like conventional radiators. They have two air outlets to optimize cooling/heating modes. These units can be equipped with WiFi module and with wired controller including weekly timer in order to secure comfortable control. Console serie units have all standard functions as wall mounted units.


Units of TOWER series offer unique solution for everyone who wants to achieve comfortable climate in larger spaces as restaurants, meeting rooms, etc. These units adopt elegant design focusing on detail such as hidden LED display. The units are equipped with WiFi module, which enable to control Tower units via your smart phone or tablet.


Flexible MULTI SYSTEM offers easy solution for connecting 1 up to 5 indoor units to 1 outdoor unit. Wall mounted split / cassette / floor ceiling / duct and console air conditioners for cooling and heating. For wider possibilities and higher capacities, opt for HIGH POWER MULTI SYSTEM. This system offers even more complex solutions for connection 2 up to 9 indoor units for 1 outdoor unit. Indoor units are separate products.


Unique and smooth design in every detail - this is ARCTIC series. Indoor unit can be controlled by IOS or ANDROID mobile phone / tablet. Wall mounted split air conditioners for cooling and heating. The major feature of this model is heating when outdoor temperature is reaching up till -30°C (standard models work normally only until approx. -10°C) and integrated WiFi module. The device contains fluorinated greenhouse gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol. Used refrigerant R410A (50% HFC-32, 50% HFC-125), GWP 2088, environmentally friendly.

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