Projekt: MULTI SYSTEM Flexible

Flexible: MULTI SYSTEM series

Flexible MULTI SYSTEM offers easy solution for connecting 1 up to 5 indoor units to 1 outdoor unit. Wall mounted split / cassette / floor ceiling / duct  and console air conditioners for cooling and heating.

Reasons to choose this product

It is suitable for big apartments, family houses and smaller companies. Choose the type of indoor unit and requested capacity according to combination table. The system can be controlled separately or centrally.

The device contains fluorinated greenhouse gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol. Used refrigerant R410A (50% HFC-32, 50% HFC-125), GWP 2088, environmentally friendly

Benefits of product


Standard air conditioners have a fixed speed compressor and therefore have no ability to reduce the power consumption as they are not able to vary the load. With a DC Inverter drive, the unit can work on a partial load thereby reduces the power consumption not only on start up but also on running costs.

SINCLAIR MULTI SYSTEM connects indoor units of different types and capacities into one system. Is it unique solution for every residential space. Moreover, it provides individual control of room temperature settings.